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Public Utilities: (951) 270-5669

Water Service

Application for new water utility service requires a 48-hour advance notice in order to allow sufficient time to obtain a meter reading at the residence. Also, two types of personal identification are required to open an account. Your first bill will reflect the new service start up fee charge of $25.

A minimum deposit of $100 per residential account is required.

Water Service Rates: Water monthly basic service charge is based on meter size. Additionally, there is a quantity water rate of $1.84 per unit, or the current prevailing rate, per one hundred cubic feet (HCF) or 748 gallons per unit of water volume. The billed water amounts include both the monthly meter charges and water consumption charges combined. 

Sewer Service

Sewer Service Rates: Residential sewer service is a flat 30-day monthly rate of $46.00, subject to change, per household.

Trash, Recycling, Hazardous Waste Pickup and Manure Services

Residential Trash and Recycling Services: Residential trash services are provided using three different colored, wheeled carts.Recycling carts are GRAY – for clean recyclable materials such as newspapers, clean glass bottles, clean aluminum cans, paper products, etc. Grass and leaves, only, are approved for the GREEN “green waste” cart. The household cart is dark green with a brown lid, for any other types of regular refuse items. County mandates require the recycling of normal household materials, green waste and horse manure.

Manure Services: Manure service for horses and cows is a separate, contracted service with Waste Management.County ordinances require all large animal waste be separated into a manure recycling container.Please call (951) 270-5654 to place your order of manure carts or dumpsters or if you have any billing questions in regards to the billing of trash or manure services.

The 96-gallon manure, wheeled cart is adequate volume for 1 – 2 horses at a cost of $23.68 per month. A one month deposit is required before delivery is made. Manure carts are delivered on Mondays only between the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and dumpsters are delivered the next business day after a deposit is made. Pick up day will be Monday, with the regular household trash. Multiple 96-gallon cart or larger volume metal dumpsters for residential or commercial use are also available and the cost depends on the size and the number of pick ups being requested.Manure cart and dumpster services charges are billed on the monthly water utility bill.


Trash Pick Up Day: MONDAY is the normally scheduled household trash and recycling pick up day.This may be delayed by one workday to Tuesday when a major Monday holiday occurs

Charter Cable  (866) 499-8080

Norco Important Numbers/Contacts

Animal Control (951) 737-8972